Durable - Reusable - Non-Skid Grid - One Year
Warranty - Completely Waterproof -Custom Fit

The Dry Pro™ waterproof body protection has some exciting news!  We have just launched the new Dry Pro™ for Prosthetics as well as a comprehensive marketing plan to help drive sales to your facilities.   Dry Pro™ is still the world’s only true waterproof body protection. Ask about our L-Codes!


The Dry Pro™ has saved many summers, vacations, and increased the quality of life for millions of happy customers. We now have a brand new product to help millions, specific to prosthetic wearers. The new prosthetic cover offers a tan color designed to blend in for outdoor use. It also provides a new tapered top that can be trimmed for a comfortably secure custom fit. In addition to these new innovations the Dry Pro™ for prosthetics comes with a 1 year replacement guarantee!


We hope our unique and life changing products help your business as well as your customers.  If you have any questions or suggestions simply call 1-888-337-2724.  The Dry Pro™ is a product of Dry Corp a division of Xero Products, LLC headquartered at 349 Military Cutoff Road in Wilmington, NC, USA, 28405.  Our mission is to help improve quality of life with our unique products! www.DryCorp.com.